Hebrew Crash Course

lesson booklets - links below!
Hebrew Crash Course
lesson booklets - links below!
You are here because you saw
my MINI Crash Course on YouTube, right?
The truth is that these lessons are great for a start, but they
  • lack the necessary explanations,
  • have no vocabulary list,
  • no flash cards,
  • no review games,
  • no additional materials.
The good news is that it all exists - in my full course!
Look what's inside:
20 lessons
to cover all the basics
10 hours
of video recordings with step-by-step explanations
7 games
especially developed
for this course
5 songs
that every Israeli knows
20 lessons
to cover all the basics
10 hours
of video recordings with step-by-step explanations
7 games
especially developed for this course
5 songs
that every Israeli knows
It's perfect for
zero beginners
I teach you the alphabet and all the basics for absolute beginners step-by-step, and then we move on, covering all aspects of Hebrew language, from basic to advanced.
started, but...
Learning with Duolingo or another app and can't make sense of it? it gives you vocab but lacks the necessary explanations - something that my course does best. :)
learnt and forgot
You studied Hebrew in school, or gave it a start several years ago, but now it feels like it's all gone... These concise 20 lessons are perfect for brushing up and getting back on track!
Why not see for yourself?
The first lesson is free!
And remember - it's just the first lesson,
there is much more in the lessons to come!
Here's what learners from all over the world
say about the course!
Video reviews is English and Spanish (with English subs), written reviews in Chinese, Polish, German and Italian!
Alisa是一位非常善良,有耐心,有经验的老师。她用英语教课。她的 Hebrew Crash Course(希伯来语速成课程)很系统化,同时非常有趣。我完成这课程后建立了我希伯来语的基础。我现在更有自信在日常生活中使用希伯来语。强烈推荐!我不知道你是否能找到比Alisa更理想的老师!
Original in Chinese
Alisa is an awesome teacher - very kind, patient, experienced and effective. Her Hebrew Crash Course is very systematically organised, and at the same very interesting and enjoyable. I'm able to build my Hebrew foundation by completing the course with her. I now have greater confidence to use Hebrew in daily life. Highly recommended, and I don't know if you can find a more ideal teacher than Alisa!
Translated tn English
"Dank Alisa und ihres ausgesprochen gut durchdachten und strukturierten Hebräischkurses habe ich überraschend schnell den Zugang zu dieser wunderbaren Sprache gefunden.

Ihre Fokussierung auf die Logik des Hebräischen und das professionelle, umfangreiche und vielfältige Material sowie die weitreichende Unterstützung machen es tatsächlich möglich, in 20 Unterrichtsstunden die Grundlagen ausreichend gut zu beherrschen, um sich mit jemandem zu unterhalten und darauf aufbauend im Selbststudium weiterzumachen.

Alisas immer freundliche und motivierende Art hilft dabei, trotz des beim Lernens einer neuen Sprache irgendwann unvermeidlichen Durchhängers nicht aufzugeben.

Uneingeschränkt zu empfehlen! "
in German
Alisa è un'insegnante bravissima e molto preparata. Il suo "Crash Course" è ben organizzato ed è utilissimo per aiutare a capire a fondo le basi e la logica della lingua ebraica. Il suo metodo d'insegnamento è professionale e anche divertente. Lei è simpaticissima, puntuale, disponibile e soprattutto molto paziente! Inoltre fornisce ottimo materiale per esercitarsi ed ha un suo sito di esercizi. Altamente raccomandata!!!
in Italian
How much does it cost?
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"Pay-as-you-go" payment model!

*No commitment, if you buy one part you don't have to buy the second unless you want to!
**You can't buy advanced modules without buying the first ones - because the materials are building upon each other, it's all connected - like a story! :)

Module 1
Alphabet and basics (lessons 1-4)
Module 2
Verb groups and infinitives (lessons 5-10)
Module 3 - lessons11-14
Past and future - first steps (lessons 11-14)
Module 4
Past and Future - complete overview (lessons 15-18)
Module 5
Last nuances (lessons 19-20)
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